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I'm Franciska Anderson, the owner and practitioner of the clinic. My practice is rooted in Asian Medicine--one of the earliest forms of Functional Medicine--with a modern twist. From its very beginnings, Asian Medicine seeks out the root causes of imbalances in the body, whether it is structural, nutritional, emotional, or spiritual.
I bring a common sense functional technique to the treatment room to provide you with an understanding of why your body is out of balance, how I can help and, most importantly, how you can help yourself. This creates a partnership that includes you as an active participant in your wellness journey.

In addition to pain management, I specialize in digestive problems with a holistic and cutting-edge approach, customized for YOU. I use proven herbal and enzyme formulas to help you digest and absorb nutrients. I will explain the negative effects--the "whys and hows"--of your lifestyle and dietary choices, and what choices would be more beneficial. 

Please keep in mind that the clinic is not an emergency clinic. If you are in huge amounts of pain, please call 911 or go to the ER. Until you are an established patient, we are not able at this time to provide walk-in or emergency treatment. Acupuncture and Asian Medicine is best used as long-term preventative care, not in the moment you are in extreme pain.

Let's start a conversation. I am here to listen.

Together, let's turn your health around!

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My Mission

Through the healing principles of acupuncture and Asian Medicine,
I make it my mission to help each and every one of my patients attain their health goals.

Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and
dietary changes work together
to balance the body--

inside and out.



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Try acupuncture before opioids:
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on the ways that
acupuncture can help
with the opioid crisis.

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