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Ellen Evans

Ellen was a physician assistant from 1987 to 2021. Early on, she was excited about this profession, which was still pretty new in the 1980s. There was an emphasis on a team approach that included the patient as a team member. In this primary care setting, you were able to develop a relationship with patients and learn about their values. Over time, things changed. She became disillusioned with the business of western medicine and retired.

Fran approached Ellen and asked her to consider being a health coach. Fran was having trouble helping some or her clients make health behavior changes she recommended as part of their treatment. Ellen thought about it, investigated it, and did additional training. She drew inspiration from the memory of her mother, Carol, who was a dietician and lactation consultant. Carol enjoyed advocating for her clients. She empowered them.

Ellen feels like she is returning to what first attracted her to health care: taking care of people.

Ellen enjoys bicycling, cross country skiing, gardening, and working on the Ice Age Trail. Her passion is scuba diving.  She has lived in Oregon since 1996.


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