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Fundamental Beliefs

Pivotal Point Wellness Center believes:

  • In honoring the innate intelligence of the body
  • Each body is unique in how its functions
  • Each patient has a body that is influenced by genetics, lifestyle and environment
  • In treating the root cause of the condition, not in treating just the symptoms
  • In redefining what it means to be healthy
  • In education and how the body works.


It is our heartfelt purpose here at Pivotal Point Wellness Center to provide top-quality wellness care for our patients; to inspire and inform those who have lost hope of regaining their health; and to communicate broad-reaching healing concepts to the public and our colleagues via seminars, blogs, and social media.


By 2021, Pivotal Point Wellness Center is recognized as the expert resource center for working with people who have lost hope of getting better. It is a multifaceted center known to handle even the most difficult cases with care, diligence, respect and skillfulness.

We achieve this by:

  • Serving patients in a hands-on, face-to-face environment;
  • Educating and advising patients through an online community;
  • Sharing knowledge in order to have a positive impact on people's lives;
  • Persevering in helping patients achieve and maintain more healthful, fulfilling and empowered lives; and
  • Providing healing enzymes and herbal products that benefit our patients' overall well-being.

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