Source of Stress (SOS) Examination by Loomis

These thorough appointments look for the root cause of your health concerns. All health problems have a common origin - STRESS! Stress fits into three categories, generally:

  • Physical (or mechanical) stress: Injuries from sports, car accidents, falls, etc.
  • Chemical (or nutritional) stress: Food, drink, toxins, smoking, too much sugar, cleaning supplies, heavy have contact with it, it fits here.
  • Emotional (or mental) stress: The category that most everyone thinks of as being stress. Jobs, family, kids, money, death of loved ones...all of this takes a toll.

This examination allows us to find out how you and your body are handling the stress of life. We will look at posture, range of motion, muscle contraction, digestive difficulties and more to give you insight into the root causes of your dys-function!

For your first appointment, please plan on being in the clinic for about an hour. We recommend bringing someone with you to hear everything that is said at this important first appointment. A lot of information is given so it is useful to have a second set of ears to hear everything!

Here are a few additional things we want you to do or be aware of:

  1. Spend some time thinking about what you would like to achieve. What are your expectations? What questions or concerns do you have? Jot down a few notes to bring with you to your first visit. The more openly we can communicate, the better we can help you.
  2. Be patient with yourself by being realistic. If you have several conditions or symptoms you would like to address, please rank them. On your first visit, we will ask you primarily about your chief complaint. Secondary issues will also be noted and addressed as treatment progresses. It has taken you a while to get where you are; it will take time and lifestyle changes to get you back to health.
  3. Once your start taking supplements and doing the assigned exercises, start noticing how you feel each day and make a few notes. With respect to your chief complaint, try to answer these questions: When did this condition first appear? Is this a new condition or a recurring illness? What brought it on? What triggers it? Is your condition getting worse? To what degree does it interfere with your daily routine, work or sleep? What aggravates it? What provides relief? What time of day does it bother you the most? the least? Be as descriptive and specific as possible.

On the Day of Your Examination
Here are some guidelines on what we expect and what you can expect:

  • Set aside enough time so that you are not rushing to and from your visit. Please schedule your activities on the day of your visit accordingly. 
  • If possible, please wear loose comfortable clothing. Please do not wear jeans.
  • Please be on time. Be on time for your appointment so that you may benefit fully. When you make an appointment, please understand that time has been reserved for you. There will be a charge for missed appointments without 24 hours' notice.


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