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Health Coaching

Evidence based health coaching is a partnership between a client and a coach that taps into your own motivation and recognizes you are the true agent of change.  The coach guides self-management of health risks and chronic disease by helping you resolve mixed feelings about change and by providing support, realistic goal setting, information, and planning.  We will discuss things Western medicine often ignores.  Such as your values, readiness and desire to change, social supports, family needs, financial situation, and potential barriers to change.

As a coach I will not tell you what to do or how to do it.  Unless your plan is unsafe. I will not shame, argue with, blame, judge, confront, dismiss or label you.  Health Coaches do not diagnose or treat disease, order or interpret tests, recommend medications, provide psychotherapy or guarantee a result.

Clients see Ellen to work on health behavior changes they want to make but have had trouble working into their lives. Such as smoking cessation, weight management, healthy diet changes, exercise, stress management, and more. 

In a visit you should expect:

  • To do at least half of the talking.
  • Make your own decisions about your health care.
  • Discuss ambivalence (mixed feelings) about change.
  • To be met where you are, not where someone else thinks you should be.
  • Be an active participant.
  • Be accountable.

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