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Ending the Year Thankful

Thankful for Your Support!

I think I can safely say that has been a rough year for all of us.

As a small business owner AND practitioner, I am very thankful that Jackie and I have been able to get the clinic back up and running on June 1st with some protocol changes. Our schedule availability is nearly half of what it usually is but it is necessary to keep everyone safe.

Rooms that are occupied for long periods of time--like they are with acupuncture treatments--need to be ventilated for a certain amount of time to help minimize COVID spread. 

Masks are being used. I am using a face shield regularly too. Jackie has a sneeze guard at the front desk.

We have had to forego hugging our patients. Right before we opened back up, I cried for a few hours about that. I mourned that connection that I have with my patients and felt as though part of the healing process was cut off. Of course, I would do anything to keep my peeps safe so it was a must but not being able to do this still hurt.

Overall, though, we were able to pivot...which makes the clinic name even more appropriate. We are still delivering great care; we are weathering COVID the best we can; and we are very thankful to be of service to you. 

Take good care of yourself in these times. This too shall pass.

Safety & Reopening Updates

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through the details of reopening the clinic to patients. We certainly have missed seeing you! We are working hard to keep our patients and our staff safe because health and safety are our top priorities.

We are reopening under the guidance of the regulating bodies that control the acupuncture profession and small business, including state and national organizations. As circumstances change, we will also update our procedures.

COVID-19 has changed how the clinic will operate. A general overview is offered first, followed by additional information for 1) Acupuncture and 2) Enzymes and Source of Stress Exams.

Preparing for your visit

Please read these office policies to understand your role in promoting a safe environment for us and others in our community.

  • If you have any symptoms, such as a cough or fever, please reschedule.
  • If a family member or a contact has these symptoms now or in the last 14 days, please reschedule.
  • Please arrive on time.
  • A mask is required in the clinic at this time. Please bring your own.
  • Please do not bring people with you unless we have made prior arrangements.
  • All patients will be required to fill out a COVID-19 Informed Consent form before arriving. If you have already set up your Patient Portal through our patient management software, you can navigate to this consent form in the appointment reminder email. If technical difficulties prevent you from finding the form, we will have you fill out the form at your next appointment.
  • We will be doing a Screening Questionnaire before every appointment
  • All services are by appointment only; no walk-ins will be allowed.
  • Payments will be by phone and can be made before or after your appointment.

Here is what to expect in the clinic for procedural flow:

  • The clinic doors (front and back) will be locked and unlocked strictly based on who is expected at the clinic. No walk-ins will be allowed. That means that we will not be selling products at the front desk; product orders will continue to be drop-shipped.
  • Appointments will be staggered to limit the number of people in the common areas and allow for extra sanitation between appointments.
  • You are asked to wait in your vehicle until 5 minutes before your appointment time. If you have a driver, that person will need to wait in the car or elsewhere for the duration of your appointment. Our waiting area is no longer available.
  • Please do not carry in anything larger than a purse.
  • As soon as you come in the door, please sanitize your hands at the sanitizer station near the door.
  • Your temperature will be taken with touchless or sanitized equipment. Once cleared as normal, you will be escorted into your treatment room.
  • Staff will be wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Patients will be asked to do so as well. Please bring your own mask. You will be provided a mask if you do not have one. The floors will be marked by tape to indicate 6’ distances.
  • If you will not wear a mask because of a medical condition, please let us know in advance of your appointment. We reserve the right to reschedule you.
  • After your treatment concludes, a staff member will escort you out of the building.
  • Payments will be collected over the phone. We now have the capability of securely storing your credit cards. We will confirm the last four digits of the card that you would like to use and send you the receipts via email.
  • As we continue to learn more about COVID-19, changes will more than likely occur.

We have implemented the following precautions to ensure your safety during your visit:

  • A deep clean and sanitation of all areas has been done.
  • All upholstered furniture items and waiting room materials (including water and cups) have been removed or covered with clean sheets.
  • Stringent sanitation protocols will be adhered to between each client and throughout the day, using EPA-certified disinfectants.
  • As usual, all linens will be changed between each client, including pillow and pillowcase.
  • Acupuncture tables will be covered with a clean sheet to meet cleaning guidelines. Extra padding and heating pads have been removed.


We are booking acupuncture appointments and enzyme exams by phone for the first week or two, until we create a safe routine and iron out any wrinkles in procedures. Once we have an idea of how the days will unfold, we will open up online scheduling again. Appointment slots are limited because of the restrictions on the number of patients that can be in the clinic safely.

We have restrictions on all other accessory services we typically offer, including cupping, guasha, and moxibustion. We will not be offering these additional services at this time.


If you need enzymes, please call the clinic to place your order, ideally a week before you run out. We will be continuing to drop-ship orders until further notice. This is to minimize the number of patients in the clinic and reduce the need to decontaminate after every patient encounter.


Thank you again for your patience and understanding. Because we are licensed and regulated, we must follow all of the mandates being set for us to ensure the lowest risk and the greatest safety for all. We have a variety of patients, including patients going through chemo and in significant pain, so we all must do due diligence to provide for those who are potentially immunocompromised.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please let us know. We are just happy to get back to taking care of you.

"Pivoting" to Our New Normal

As the world around us changes as we know it, the most important thing still remains our health. 

In order to shift with the changing times to continue serving my existing patients with the best treatments and care, I am now taking bookings for virtual sessions.

What is telehealth or a virtual visit? We give you all the wonderful care that you've been used to receiving but it's in front of a screen. During these 30- or 60-minute sessions, we will go over how you are doing, what symptoms you are experiencing, and come up with a plan to meet your needs. In lieu of acupuncture, I'll empower you with self-care tools and options for care like acupressure, qi gong exercises, deep breathing, meditation, nutritional guidance, herbal and enzyme supplements, or simply connecting in a supportive conversation.

Not only are these treatments effective for continued care during a time of isolation, but they are also extremely valuable to those who are sick or have pressing matters in need of treatment with limited access to Western medicine. If you are experiencing high amounts of anxiety/depression, sleep issues, or digestive issues, I can help you with specific protocols. Herbal and enzyme formulas can be drop-shipped directly to you.

Please keep me in mind as a stable source for your health and well-being during this uncertain time. This option is currently only available to existing patients of Pivotal Point who live in Wisconsin.

Now more than ever, we need to prioritize our health and healing!

Besides all that, I miss my patients!!

Self-Care Options for Stressful Times: Ear Acupressure!

by Franciska Anderson, MSOM, DiplAc (NCCAOM), LAc, Advanced LDHS

Ear Seed Kits for Self-Care

Ear acupressure has been used for thousands of years. Also called auriculotherapy, ear acupressure and ear acupuncture are being used around the world to help with pain management, addiction, and PTSD. The practice is not new but access to the tools (like ear seeds) is getting easier. Click on this affiliate link to find out more about ear seeds:

There are kits for many conditions. I have generated some links for the specific pages below.

Back pain and sciatica:Self-Care Options for Stressful Times: Ear Acupressure!, Pivotal Point in Oregon Wisconsin…/back-pain-and-sciatica/…/



Insomnia and sleep:…/sleep-and-insomnia/…/



The kits come with good instructions and are easy to use. I feel this is a good interim care strategy while many of us in the alternative care field are closed. I am definitely worried about my patients losing ground.

At the very least, it is something to try. When I have used ear seeds on patients, they report a decrease in their symptoms for the time that they use the ear seeds.

I recommend wearing them on one ear at a time. Use them for 3-4 days, then remove them to prevent too much irritation to the skin. Put new seeds in your other ear and wear for another 3-4 days.

I signed up as an affiliate with the company so I will get a little money if you buy through these links.

Clinic Announcement 3/16/2020

by Franciska Anderson, MSOM, DiplAc (NCCAOM), LAc, Advanced LDHS

Clinic Announcement 3/16/2020

“Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after will seem inadequate.” ~ Michael Leavitt

I have been monitoring how Covid-19 has been moving through the country and how it is affecting Wisconsin. From all that I have seen, the next two weeks will be critical to slowing its spread in the U.S. I have read a lot of discussions by impassioned acupuncturists all over the world, arguing for and against closing our practices. All of us wish to be of service and to that end, I have come to a conclusion.

Out of an abundance of caution, I will be temporarily closing my practice for two weeks starting Tuesday. While this has been a difficult decision, I feel wholeheartedly that it is the right one. After that period of time, I will evaluate the situation in 1-week increments as we learn more. Just like you, I am hoping this blows over quickly and I'm trying to control as much as I personally can at this point.

The work I do is in close proximity with others and involves multiple patients coming in and out of the same rooms. I have always maintained a well-ventilated, sanitized and clean office, and recently increased cleaning measures to try to stay ahead of this. At this point, though, I feel it is best to shut down to keep my staff, my patients, and me healthy.

While the work I do is important, I am following the lead of most other non-essential medical offices around the country. This will have major financial implications for many people, myself included. Ultimately, however, preventing the spread of coronavirus is also part of the Hippocratic Oath of "First do no harm." Chinese Medicine excels at immune strengthening and even treatment of onset of symptoms as an adjunct in this case to your work with your medical doctor.

I am developing plans to continue to provide some form of care, such as providing consultations over a HIPAA-compliant video streaming service and taking orders for enzymes and drop-shipping them to you directly. I hope to develop some videos and presentations on nutrition, enzymes, herbs, and acupuncture. Some of it will be free content; some paid. If you have any suggestions, I am all ears.

Thank you for supporting small businesses. Wash your hands, have faith, and do your best to keep fear at bay. This too shall pass!

Yours in health,


Home to Hungary

by Franciska Anderson, MSOM, DiplAc (NCCAOM), LAc, Advanced LDHS

Home to Hungary, Pivotal Point in Oregon Wisconsin

I inhaled deeply and suddenly felt rooted, truly rooted, to the earth. I was home, fully in my body, fully conscious, and feeling freer than ever. I was standing in the rutted roads of my mom’s hometown of Mucsi, Hungary, and I had never felt so connected to a place than in that moment.

I grew up hearing of this place, a far-off land where my ancestors lived, breathed, worked, married, birthed, worked some more, and died. My mom, grandmother, and aunts all planned to come back to Mucsi (pronounced “Moo-chee”) but we ran out of time to do it together. Life got busy and it wasn’t a priority. Everyone got older and my mom died in 2011, never to see where she was born and had to subsequently leave because of ethnic cleansing in 1946. We all talked about Mucsi, a small but magical village settled by our people called the Donauschwaben: Germans who were invited in 1720 to settle areas of Eastern Europe that had been decimated by the Turkish invasions of the early 1700s. I found the whole thing fascinating and always felt drawn to complete the circle and return to this village to represent the family once again.

The thing about cancer is that, for me, much of the non-essential stuff of life was burned away in the fire of surgeries, chemo and radiation. After my breast cancer treatment and my dad’s unfortunate death in 2013, I felt tempered but acutely sharpened, newly motivated to travel to Mucsi come hell or high water. Travel planning started in early 2015, and I decided early on that I was going to do this solo. To further flush out my family’s story, I hired professional genealogists to help complete the family tree. It ended up being a treasure trove of discovery: I was, in fact, related to the first re-settlers of Mucsi from around 1730. Surprisingly, nearly 95% of my ancestors were born and died in this village and the rest were from villages 5 miles away.

The day arrived when I found myself driving on the road leading to Mucsi, hallowed ground to my family. Here I was, about to step foot on soil that hasn’t felt my family’s footfall for nearly 60 years. Before their expulsion, ancestors had walked through these hills, tended their fields and animals, grew grapes and made wine for over 200 years. They kept their German customs but integrated the Hungarian language, dress, Franciska Anderson offers acupuncture digestion gut functional medicine in Oregon Wisconsinand cuisine (including lots of paprika) into their daily life. They considered themselves Hungarian citizens, much like how we all consider ourselves Americans but keep our ethnicities and family customs close. I watch shows like “Finding Your Roots” on PBS or “Who Do You Think You Are?” on TLC and really understand the need to know about those that have come before in order to more fully understand yourself.

Upon seeing the village for the first time, I started to cry...well, more like bawl my head off. I had made it! I drove up the road and found my way to my pen pal’s house where I was going to stay. Nervous but trusting that my family was around me, I met my pen pal Wolfgang and his wife Henny for the first time and truly enjoyed staying with them for several days. Wolfgang graciously showed me around, including the cemeteries, churches, and old decrepit houses where all that living had happened. (Wolfgang and I had connected 10 years ago on the Member Boards and in and of itself is a great story but I digress.) I had a fantastic time.

The travel bug bit again, so I returned again this year in August for a celebration of the village. Descendents were invited back to visit, and a museum, church services and village tour were all part of the celebration. For the first time, I was able to attend a Mass at the Catholic church, St. Stephen’s, at the center of the village. This was where my relatives had worshipped from 1783 on. Another Mass was held at the small but significant chapel in the countryside called Maria Papd. My connection to the Papd chapel ran very deep. Years ago my grandfather (“Opa” to me) first told me stories about how important the chapel was to the village. He had had the opportunity to rebuild the chapel when it fell into disrepair around 1930. He was studying and working to become an architect and master builder (“Maurermeister”) which included bricklaying. My grandmother (“Oma”) later told me more about the chapel and how much she missed walking through the woods and over the hills to get to this spiritual home. It was a part of several villages’ Catholic celebrations since it was first built in the 1880’s. It was dedicated to Mother Mary, for whom I have a special affinity.

While attending the Mass at this little chapel which was standing-room only, I was overcome with fully being in this place: it struck my heart how significant it was to hear the melodic singing of these people, to feel thePivotal Point in Oregon Wisconsin wooden pew under me, to listen to the priest give blessings in German and Hungarian. Celebrations like these are rare now and I was able to attend. How lucky was I?! Suddenly, at the end of the Mass, the priest looks over at me and calls me to the front. There he introduces me to everyone and conveys that I had traveled from Wisconsin to be with them. He also mentions my grandfather and the fact that he was the one who rebuilt the chapel all those years ago. I feel goosebumps as I hear a collective gasp from everyone, and people start to cry and clap. I can’t quite capture in words how I felt in that moment but suffice it to say, that moment will sustain me for a very long time.

The simple act of breathing while standing on the road in my ancestral home has never felt more complete, more life-giving. If ever you have a chance to visit the place of your ancestors, I hope you do it. I feel more in myself, more solid and complete, more grounded. Cancer can take away many things but I will never lose that sense of home again. 

What is Digestive Health?

The phrase “digestive health” has been making the advertising and marketing rounds. Jamie Lee Curtis claims that if you eat her recommended brand of yogurt, you will have better “digestive health.” A new drug is now on the market that is purported to restore your digestive balance. There are many, many commercials for all kinds of indigestion, including heartburn, gas, bloating.

What is digestive health or digestive balance? Well, it is more than just yogurt. Digestive health is more than just a reduction of symptoms and most certainly digestion is NOT as automatic as people think. Consider all the diet crazes. The authors of these books assume that you, you the patient, you the individual with your unique biochemical and physical make-up, can digest everything that is in the diet books.

The digestive process is one of the most overlooked, poorly understood processes of the body but it is—even according to some school of Chinese Medicine—absolutely the most critical. Hippocrates is quoted as saying, “All disease starts in the center.” In other words, as your digestive system develops problems, your ability to absorb what you are eating is diminished.

Gut pain is the first sign that something is wrong. Don’t just cover it up by taking an acid reducer! Your body is trying to tell you NOT to eat the chili dog. Find the cause by seeing a digestive health practitioner like me so you will know why your tummy is rumbly!