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by Ellen Evans, CHC

Do You Want To Be More Active?

Do you keep thinking about exercise, but you can’t seem to get started?  Many of us are busy and can’t find the time.  Consider breaking up your activity into 2-3 sessions a day.  For example, do you have 10 minutes during a break to go up a couple flights of stairs and 10 minutes after work to walk around the block the day care is on before picking up the kids?  Could you march in place during a Zoom meeting for a while (you may want to turn off the video).  Sneaking 2-3 short sessions of activity in may be easier to do than one 30-minute session, with all your work and home demands.

Everyone is different.  If this tip is not helpful or time is not a barrier for you, then consider seeing a health coach for support, realistic goal setting, information, and safe planning.  I'm Ellen Evans, NSHC certified health coach.  I’ll meet you where you are.  Not where someone thinks you should be.  Book now