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Ending the Year Thankful

Thankful for Your Support!

I think I can safely say that has been a rough year for all of us.

As a small business owner AND practitioner, I am very thankful that Jackie and I have been able to get the clinic back up and running on June 1st with some protocol changes. Our schedule availability is nearly half of what it usually is but it is necessary to keep everyone safe.

Rooms that are occupied for long periods of time--like they are with acupuncture treatments--need to be ventilated for a certain amount of time to help minimize COVID spread. 

Masks are being used. I am using a face shield regularly too. Jackie has a sneeze guard at the front desk.

We have had to forego hugging our patients. Right before we opened back up, I cried for a few hours about that. I mourned that connection that I have with my patients and felt as though part of the healing process was cut off. Of course, I would do anything to keep my peeps safe so it was a must but not being able to do this still hurt.

Overall, though, we were able to pivot...which makes the clinic name even more appropriate. We are still delivering great care; we are weathering COVID the best we can; and we are very thankful to be of service to you. 

Take good care of yourself in these times. This too shall pass.